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This summer the first grade teachers came across a book that we just knew we needed to bring to Wolf Hill! It's called:

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

by Carol McCloud and Illustrated by David Messing

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The story describes us all as having an invisible bucket that is filled with our good thoughts and feelings. When someone says or does or says something nice to us or we say or do something nice to someone else you are filling a bucket and getting your own bucket filled. When someone does or says something unkind they are bucket dipping. Bucket dipping is bullying behavior and that is not good for anyone!

Today I shared the story with the class and the kids loved it!! They all wanted their own buckets! We have a class bucket that we are going to try to keep filled all year long and spread the news to make our class a bucket filling classroom and school a bucket filling school - no bucket dipping!!

After doing a little online research I found that classrooms and schools across America are becoming Bucket Filling Schools. It has even reached the workplace and been used in preventing bullying in the workplace!
Check it out at they let you take a peek in the book...
Amazon Link to Bucket Filler Book
Let me know what you think!
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