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To PARCC or not to PARCC that is the question…

Here are a few things to consider, in my opinion, on the pro side of PARCC testing…

Our children/students are members of the first generation born into technology. For the most part they were born to a home with a computer. They know of no life without technology integrated into their everyday routines, even very young babies are able to manipulate technology screens.

Our educational system, for the first time in my knowledge, is behind it’s students. Teachers across our country are asking their students to help them with technology. In my opinion when any new technology is presented to the world it should be presented through a classroom. This is sadly not the case. Thanks to the PARCC our classrooms, teachers, and students were forced to step into the digital age. I think this is long overdue.

Technology is not going away. We can resist the change or embrace it - that is a personal decision, but change is inevitable. Some are saddened to lose cursive writing, looking up words in a dictionary, reading a book in hand rather than on a screen. I challenge you to look at the history of spoken, written, and printed words and its availability to the citizens. You will see that change, and the fear and anger associated with each of those changes, repeats itself throughout history.

In my opinion, students should be assessed. I would be thrilled if every American student in this country took the same, grade appropriate, test. This data would be invaluable when used as it is intended. To determine achievement and areas where achievement is lacking. This data should be gathered periodically (three times a year) and that data should be used to drive instruction. With a broader base of data collection across our state and across our country we can all benefit from understanding the strengths and weaknesses in our educational programs. If a certain town is succeeding with their students we can learn from that town and improve our own programs and our country can grow as a result.

This year the students in our state will be taking an online test to determine their levels of understanding of the Common Core Standards. This has created quite a stir. I worry about the students that are opting out of this experience. There is something to be said for being part of this first experience. With any first experience - we expect complications and problems, we expect there to be issues when something this monumental begins, we expect there to be a learning curve and an element of the unknown. Living through experiences like these provide valuable opportunities for our students. Being involved in “firsts” can be quite bonding too! Those that choose to opt out will, in my opinion, be at a disadvantage next year when the test comes back. This time with a few less complications, problems, and issues and greater expectations from the students.

I would encourage any parent of a student taking the PARCC test this year to encourage their child with a positive attitude and even a bit of humor to give it a try, as always to do their best, and lets go through this experience together. It should be a relief of pressure to have no fear of doing better than last year!

We have to face it - it is their future...